Community Collaboration

Wellness has always been our focus, and we hope to empower people to live a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

- Anthony Diaz


Tulsi, the earthy, mildly sweet, and calming tea.

A Fresher, Kinder Tea

Organic and biodynamic teas, sourced directly from people and planet-friendly farms in India. Enjoy Holy Basil mini's made exclusively for POC BOX.

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A note in course

Alaya comes from “Himalaya,” the region that inspired the tea company. After growing up drinking chai and traversing this mountainous area in India’s Northeast, visiting small farmers and tea estates, the founders were keen to build a company that respects these communities and addresses the environmental challenges we face through agriculture.

In thinking about our environmental impacts as a company, our partnership with Alaya Tea flourished organically. This season we offer concious products and packaging in our Fall Collection to move our combined efforts further. We hope you love and share our curated gifts with ethically sourced teas this season.

"Women are the backbone of agriculture in so many of these communities, be it in Darjeeling, Assam, or Uttar Pradesh. We are a company that celebrates the beauty of these women in the tea growing regions of the world."

- Esha and Smita